Saturday, 28 April 2012

Knocking on Faerie Door Part 5

I gasped! I could barely take in the splendour of what lay before me! Gracious me! Everywhere there were layers of silk piled high as the roof.
There were guards and footmen in the most splendid outfits, their wings all opalescent, they stood tall and proud.
The walls were lined with precious gems, gleaming brightly in the light of the flames.
The floor beneath me looked like water, splashing and twirling about like the sea.
Above my head was a blanket of stars.

Ouch!!! I turned to look at the offending object, it was the faerie who'd escorted my from my perfectly comfortable room, into this opulent netherworld, who'd poked me with her little finger.

I remembered where I was and why. Instantaneously I bowed, low as I could.

I slowly lift my eyes...being very cautious when doing so. Making sure I do not offend.
Out the corner of my eye I see everyone else scraping equally low. A hush falls over the hall, a trumpet sounds, the most melodic tune fills the space , my heart if filled with instant joy! Oh what pure bliss.

The hush becomes an absolute silence.

Her voice sounds like bells , little tinkling bells, I understand her. Clear as day her voice says

 " Welcome all" then as if one body every being in the room straightened up.

 I trail behind. I am not sure of protocol.Nervously I muster the courage to look at her, I see the voice for the first time, I feel suddenly very inadequate. I have never been in such a presence as this, immediately I knew I was at her command.

"You, Winnifred, step forward!!"

I move as if I am automated.I feel I have no power to do anything else. Mesmerised, I stand trembling in front of what has too be the most perfect creature
of all time!! Effortless grace, beautiful face. Her eyelashes long and full over eyes of azure blue, hung lids so refined. Her nose was perfect, her lips full and kind, again porcelain skin and golden curls adorned her head and framed her heart shaped face. Her clothes shimmered and sparkled, diamonds by the thousand, adorned her satin robes, never a more powerful and pretty sets of wings had I ever seen.

I feel my knees quaking. My stomach churns, I'm light headed. I mentally challenge myself to hold on and gain composure. Okay I'm back in the moment.
"Winnifred, I have called you to ask for your help"
I stand, too scared and in awe to say a word.

She continues " Our lives depend on you, our lights are dying" "Soon we will have no light, we need you to go out and make us more light"

Make more light???? I wonder how on earth I'm supposed to do that? She may be beautiful but she certainly isn't very clever.
She continues, " You need to make humans believe in us again" she quietly says " failure is not an option" "You fail and we all die"
" You may leave now", "Butterpetal Bloom will give you a few things to help with your task"

I bow again, my head is spinning, what am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to save their lives? I'm eleven years old, and on school break. I don't carry any sway with anyone . Oh deary me!! As my mind races I follow Butterpetal Bloom, (finally I have a name for my guide) into room after room of little faerie folk, surrounded by all wonders of the gemstone world and working by firelight.
Ironic I thought.

Butterpetal Bloom slows, turns and open a door. "In you go " she says. This time I lead, my newly acquired wings fold slightly to allow me access to this room. In I go , this room is unassuming. Almost normal. Butterpetal Bloom points out a table in the corner," this is where we get your stuff."
I curiously walk toward the table.

I wonder what " my stuff" is exactly?

Friday, 27 April 2012

Melancholy Reflection

Looking back as oft we do
I recall the times of youth 
Those times I shared with a few of you. 

Our school days at Milners' gates 
On rugby fields our opponents faced 
On the track, we had our stars 
In the classroom lots of farce 

We get together now and then 
Recall the tales of old and then 
We look around to hear that voice 
Of melancholy reflection. 

Our days were filled with sunbeams 
Our laughter filled the hall 
The school of bricks and mortar 
Were our building blocks
 Not simply walls 

Now looking back I recall him, 
I recall her, 
what he said 
What she did. 

Every instance relived 
Every smiling face imprinted 
On my heart forever more 
My friends of school 
and those of Before
 and those of after
 Still our song, our laughter. 

When I look into my own child's eyes I pray his path be filled like mine 
With awesome people both Far and near I've loved and cherished and still Hold dear.
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Melancholy reflection . A Poem for my friends

Looking back as oft we do I recall the times of youth Those times I shared with a few of you. Our school days at Milners' gates On rugby fields our opponents faced On the track, we had our stars In the classroom lots of farce We get together now and then Recall the tales of old and then We look around to hear that voice Of melancholy reflection. Our days were filled with sunbeams Our laughter filled the hall The school of bricks and mortar We're our building blocks, Not simply walls Now looking back I recall him, I recall her, what he said What she did. Every instance relived Every smiling face imprinted On my heart forever more My friends of school and those of Before and those of after Still our song, our laughter. When I look into my own child's eyes I pray his path be filled like mine With awesome people both Far and near I've loved and cherished and still Hold dear.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Knocking on Faerie Door Part 4

"The Queen, wants to s-s-see me?"" i stutter slightly over the words.
"yes hurry along now!" " You can see everything later!" " But now we must go!"

I follow her, but my eyes do not know where to look, so much to take in and there is the familiar
smell of cookies and Cinnamon... "strange" oops I've said it out loud, fortunately the faerie shows no sign of having heard what I said. Again I wonder to myself why I have been brought here, and to see the Queen??

The little figure stops abruptly, now looks me straight in the eye. I realise what she is about to say must be very serious indeed. I prick p my (now pointy) ears to listen. "There are rules when addressing our Queen". This is a statement I would soon enough realise is taken very seriously indeed.

The rules were as follows:

1) Always bow before the Queen
2) Never speak first EVER
3) Do whatever the Queen says
4) Best manners at all times
5) Respect the Queen and her Guard
6) No flying in the Queens presence.

Okay so they seem simple enough don't they?

I shift my dress, check my hair, do the breath test, and somehow check my wings. That's strange I'd forgotten that my shape and size had changed just for the few minutes it took to get here.

We are outside a beautiful door, it's gold and silver has emeralds, rubies, saphires (my favorite) and even pearls decorating it. You are left in no doubt , just by looking at this door, that the person behind it must be someone most important.

The faerie figure says something in an inaudible tone, and makes myserious movements with his hands. At once the doors swung wide open, and before me lay the most wonderous sight!!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A day in my life

buzz buzz, alarm 6:30 am
time to get up , shower, wash hair, brush teeth. dress
7:20 wake up my boy
get his clothes out, spur him on to get busy
7:30 hoover, pack dishwasher, wipe down surfaces gain, wash floors, use antibacterial wipes on tables and cooking/ food prep surfaces. Get breakfast for my child
8:00 ding dong welcome first child, chat to parent
say goodbye to parent and my son
8:20 prepare breakfast for child, chat with child ( try and have a quick cuppa)
8:40 hands and face washed
8:45 time for a quick play and a cuddle before
8:55 prepare child for lift to pre-school
9:00 meet and greet person who is giving the child a lift
9:05 wave goodbye
9:05 Two more children arrive,children welcomed , coats and shoes off
big welcome
9:15 music on time for music and movement
9:35 exhausted, time for a play with the posting game
9:45 time to wash hands
9:50 children in their chairs , put on bibs
9:55 prepare snacks for children
10:00 children eat and drink
10:20 play time and walking practise for the baby
10:35 encourage two year old who is pretend cooking whilst trying to help baby walk
10:55 small world play, pop up toys, more walking practise.
11: 00 2 nappies changed, change mats wiped in between, nappies disposed of hands cleaned
11:10 time to do puzzles and colours and number practise, continue walking practise
11:25 Now time to look for matching numbers or pictures
11:40 Story time
11:50 time to wash hands again, wipe surfaces with antibacterial again
12:00 prepare and serve food, help baby with eating ( maybe another cuppa?)
12:30 free play and baby has bottle. I do diaries
12:50 : change 2 nappies and get children's bags sorted, diaries packed, lunch bags sorted and dress children and put their shoes on
1:00 hand children over to parents and a quick chat before
1:01 child arrives back from pre-school. Hands washed drink and food prepared....
that is just half of an average day.I'm Do you want to hear the rest of my day???
I'll summarise
more play and cuddles
school run
home and prep snacks for children that were collected from school
arrange activities for all
do diary
get bags etc sorted
get children ready for collection
wipe down surfaces ( time permitting)
parents arrive, chat , one by one the leave .
sit down coffee
get my child some dinner, change for activity. I get ready as I assist at activity
leave at 6:25
do badges at activity help run group
arrive home 8:15
sit down...
make coffee, fill dishwasher and do Supermarket on line order.
Bed at around 11pm, tomorrow more of the same

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Knocking on Faerie Door Part 3

So tentatively I place my first foot on the diamond dust road, it's almost spongy yet firm. Next foot up, I stand firm Between the world I know and a great adventure. Dare I take my first step out? What if Nanny finds out? I just know I'd have more trouble than I would know how to deal with. Yet I feel compelled to follow. I titter to myself, what will be will be....

The porcelain figure before me beckons and I hear a chirping, tweeting sound come from her mouth. I don't understand her Language but I helplessly follow her Command. She is getting agitated with me, but has she seen how high this is and Does she realise there are no handrails? She doesn't even know me so why does she think she can treat me like this? I am helpless, perhaps under a spell, I move forward away from the safety of my room and out into the unknown. I feel strangely safe. I walk along like a puppet following its master. I am increasing the rate of my footfall as I become ever more confident. There down below me I see my garden laid out, I again smell the Jasmine and Lavender on the cool night air.

In the distance I see my favourite spot, the old Oak tree. Suddenly my body feels like liquid, as if I have no bones. What's happening to me? I'm shrinking!!!! Oh dear me what will Nanny have to say about this, my panicked thoughts are quickly over-ridden by the immense pain in my back. "Ouch!!!" I cry, the figure ahead of me stops. What on earth??? I can hardly get the thoughts out as the searing pain in my back begins again. I hear the distinct sound of cotton tearing (Nanny tears strips to wrap my hair at night, so I can have pretty ringlets) again the sound of tearing, followed by the sound of unfurling, and POP not just once, but twice! I look down at my body, I'm so small, the road I was on is suddenly huge, and my porcelain features creature is nose to nose with me. "hurry along" she says beckoning me once more. I understand her suddenly, what is going on? I feel so little and light? The road drops away beneath my feet, "heeelpppp!!" I scream, but the faerie figure just grins, I'm falling !!!!! "just think about flying" the ethereal one says, and I do.

"follow me" she says again. I do. I find I'm flying, but I'm too confused to be enjoying my first flight. She lands, I follow. There in front of me standing quiet high, is what was. Once the little door on the old Oak tree. She speaks some sort of riddle, or spell perhaps and the little ( or not so little ) door swings open. Oh my goodness!!!! I am tingling all over, can this be real? Am I being invited into this world by the faerie folk? I have so long dreamt of entering this secretive world.Now here I am, Winnifred Beatrice Lucinda de Ravencroft, being invited/taken in!!!! I just know that none of my friends will believe my good fortune. Again I'm urged to follow. "where are you taking me, in such a hurry?" I ask. "The Queen wants to see you" came the reply.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Knocking on Faerie Door part 2

Now I'm lying here between my starched white sheets, wishing the night away so I can go explore again! This is turning out to be a most exciting holiday away from the boarding school. Although I miss my friends and all the jolly good fun we make in the dormitory after lessons, I would much rather be at home with Nanny, mother and father.

I hear the house grow slowly quiet, the last of the lanterns extinguished and Nanny and the new Butler, Bob Bowfinger's footsteps slowly fade away downstairs.

My eyelids are starting to feel heavy. Suddenly I hear a soft tap tap tapping at the window. I turn my head to the right and across my room I see a tiny little light flashing. Curious I get up and my toes touch the thick plush carpet underfoot, I slowly creep towards the window, making sure not to cause the floorboards to creek. If they did Nanny would surely be up to scold me for being out of bed. trust me that was certainly Not something I want, not again....

As I draw closer to the window, I rub my eyes, I blink . Now I stretch my eyes wide open, I go closer still. What it that? I hear the tap tap tapping getting ever louder, I see the flashing light, it is brighter now. Why is this light flashing so sporadically?

I must be dreaming.... that's it, I must have drifted off to sleep, for surely what I see before me is a figment of my imagination. I am so enthralled by what I see, my heart starts racing, my mouth goes dry, I feel light headed, I don't care....

She is simply devine, so beautiful, her features porcelein perfection, her gossimer wings perfect in every detail, her hair so thick and curly and golden. Her dress is silky and sequined. I am in awe.

I am brought back by the tap tap tapping ever louder on the window, I'm here, I see her, I hear her, surely I'm awake. She gestures to me to open the window. I am but a puppet to her command. I do as I am bid, quietly I open the window . The cool autumn air feels fresh on my face.

She gestures again... I must follow her, again helpless to her command I need to follow. She must have me under her spell, but how? I need to find a way down from my room, I am on the 1st floor, so too high to jump. This ethereal creaure must have read my thoughts, for before me a road of diamond dust appears, straight from the ledge of my window. Instantly I know I will be safe, I know I have to clinb out of my window and follow the shiny diamond dust road.

Where will it take me?..... soon I will know

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Foot

Right or left, it doesn't matter we use our feet.  I know there are those poor soles ( no pun intended) that have maybe only one or the other or even neither.
I have always taken my feet for granted.
They have always been there, strange shaped blobs at the end of my legs.
I appreciate their purpose, which is to keep me upright, well mostly...

Toes, now they are the funniest looking appendages ever, right? Little worm like creatures who wear little helmets .. well to my warped imagination anyway. However I now think you may view them in the same light.. *titters*
So there they are, these weird appendages. Our feet

Well we all have jokes about feet, for example: what's wrong with you if your nose runs and your feet smell?
You're built upside down etc. etc. etc. But let me tell you, it's no joke when those feet are hurt/ sore or injured!!

Today on arriving home from a short drive, I came through my front door and removed my shoes, as is par for the course. Then with my first footfall OUCH!!!! where the heck did that pain come from.. so I walk tentatively to the lounge. This really smarts now..bizarre me thinks, so I remove my sock for closer inspection. What the heck???? my foot is all swollen and my ankle looks like it it now one of triplets, I jest not!! so I continue to hobble, go and collect the rest of the children from school hobble there and back to the car. My foot is now throbbing like something out of a science fiction moving, simply can't describe it!! Well okay I probably could, but don't want to use expletives...

So off I go to the outpatient unit at the local hospital. I give all my details, foot still throbbing, go have a seat, throbbing. Hobble to the triage nurse's room, throbbing. Hobble back to waiting room... need I say it? Hobble eventually to the nurse on duty's room, after her ever so gentle attempt at mangling my poor throbbing foot, tears running down my face, feeling faint as the blood drains.... and finally a verdict..... diagnosis: Planter fasciitis... oh and it can take between 7 months and a year to rectify!!! just dandy considering I am on my feet all day .

Note to self : from this day hence... I will appreciate my feet !!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Hoping to make it with what I have. A poem

Here we sit in our old bodies
Our minds still full of yourthful enthusiasm
Pretending to be young enough
Energy devoid of us

Trying to muster
Only to fail

Mama once said I'd be old one day
And here we are
Keeping up the faith
Energy still devoid of us

It's not that easy
Trying to keep up

Who are we really?
In these vessels
That slow us down
Hoping to go

Where I once went
Here and there
Always out and about
Taking the bull by the horns

Indeed we do

Hanking after my youth
Another day of reflection
Very depressing
Energy still devoid og us.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Knocking on Faerie Door Part 1

The smell of lavender and sweet pea floated in the crisp morning air. My toes, bare to the touch were thrilling to the temptations of the lush grass underfoot. My spirit was soaring as an eagle does on the thermals. Oh what pure joy, to hear those words "you can go out and play".

Why was I so excited? I will tell you why, I spied a tiny little door yesterday, at the base of the old oak tree right here at the bottom of my very own garden. I was just heading towards it when the shrill voice of my nanny came to me "Winnifred!!! dinner!!" well there was simply no way that I would not listen to nanny, she spoke and I listened, simple as that. I'd had to leave it and turned on my heel and raced up to the house.

After my dinner and bath,I'd been taken to bid my parents a good evening before finally being left alone, in my bed with my own thoughts.  As I lay there in my bed with it's whiter than white linen sheets and wearing my starched night gown , my mind was instantly taken back to what I'd seen. I just knew it was a faerie door. It simply had to be !! My mind raced to every eventuality and how I would ingratiate myself with the faerie folk. How with my good manners and breeding, I was sure to find favour with these wondrous creatures, oft spoken of but never seen.

So now here I am carefully stepping along towards that old oak tree, my mind in a spin, my heart racing, my breath short and shallow. I know that just like any other creature these fairies may be easily spooked, so I move forward slowly and steadily, eager but cautious.

Four meters, three meters, two meters, one..... nearly there. I go down on me knees, making sure not to dirty the sky blue silk dress that nanny had carefully lay out on my bed for me. My patent leather shoes and white knee high socks lay carefully placed at the foot of the stairs, for retrieval later. I secretly hope that the faerie folk will approve of my very pretty dress.

I see the door, I was right!! I knew it!! I just knew it!! I stretch out my hand... I can just about reach the little door... just a smidgen closer.... I catch my breath " this could be it!!" I think to myself , dare I be so bold as to think I may be allowed access to their world? dare I be so bold to imagine me frolicking with the faerie folk? dare I.... now I'm inches away I move the blades of grass at the foot of the oak, quietly... slowly.... I realise I have stopped breathing. Too late I have succumbed only to be woken by that shrill sound  "Winnifred!!! dinner!!" I've turned on my heels and I'm racing up the hill towards the house....

Tomorrow I will find out for sure, I just know it's a faerie door, I know it!!!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

it's worth a try: Faerie dust falling

it's worth a try: Faerie dust falling: Was it real? Did I really see that? Day dreaming again? well possibly, since I spent most of my real life wishing I was in the other realm w...

Faerie dust falling

Was it real? Did I really see that? Day dreaming again? well possibly, since I spent most of my real life wishing I was in the other realm where fantasy as we know it, is indeed reality.

Getting down from the tree, I caught sight of it again, gossamer wings flashing against the moonlight. In a flash it was gone. I spent a lot of time in "my" tree, I felt closer to my dreams up there somehow. Now I know for sure that this is not normal behaviour for an eleven year old girl who should be skipping ropes and playing dolls, but I was Queen of the Fairies really, and had been sent to my family by mistake.

Now I sit in my tree waiting for the Fairies to take me back to my Faerie kingdom, as they didn't know where I'd gone, so I'm trying to help them find me by sitting in "my " tree, waiting for the day I will resume my rightful place in Faerie land.

Again I see the flash of gossamer, I see faerie dust falling, falling on ME!! Can this be it ? Surely it must be, my skin is sparkling as if dusted with diamonds... I'm falling falling falling.... or am I flying? I am filled with expectation, I'm on my way, aren't I?